Children’s Requirements


Children require comfortable clothes that they can play safely in and are able to get dirty in.

Please send your child to Kindy in clothes appropriate to the weather and time of year.

In summer, children must wear appropriate sun protection clothing such as shirts with sleeves and collars (no singlets and sundresses please). In winter, please send warm clothing in which the children can easily dress themselves.

Please send a change of clothes each day in case the children require changing.

Shoes are removed during play and placed in lockers, as this is safer for climbing on equipment.

Please name all children’s clothing and belongings.

Sun protection

Please apply sunscreen before attending Kindy. We do supply sunscreen at Kindy (located on verandah).

All children and visitors to Kindy must wear hats outside. This should be a bucket-style hat (no strings that tie under the chin) as required in our sun protection policy.

Staff members and families on roster are also required to act as role models for children and dress appropriately for sun protection.


Please provide all food in the lunchbox (not insulated as all food is refrigerated).

Morning tea and lunch:

Regulations require that we maintain a strict nutrition policy. Therefore, we ask that you do not send any of the following foods to Kindy. Lollies, sweet biscuits, commercial “health food bars” (ie. rollups, fruit sticks etc) sausage rolls, chips or crisps etc. These foods are called “sometimes” foods and will be sent home. Food should consist of “everyday” foods, such as; sandwiches, wraps, fruit, vegies sticks, yoghurt, cheese and savoury biscuits with dip.

For special occasions such as birthdays  families are welcome to bring in a cake to celebrate. We usually wait until after lunch to share the cakes with the children and families are welcome to share this time with everyone.

Please let us know if you would prefer that your child is not involved in such celebrations.

As there may be children who suffer from allergies and/or anaphylaxis to nuts, we ask that you do not send foods containing nuts. This includes peanut butter, Nutella and “muesli bars”.

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