A Day at Kindy

Program planning

Program planning is done on a daily basis by educators in collaboration with the children. If children feel they have some ownership over the program it will be more successful and more engaging for them.

Planning is done is response to the children’s interests, developmental requirements and the curriculum. Planning attempts to cater for both group and individual needs.

Planned activities for the day are written on the “Programming” sheet on the notice board, showing links to Building Waterfalls 2 and EYLF. Spontaneous learning that occurs throughout the day is recorded on the sheet for families to read at pick up time, to enable families to share in the children’s learning.

Certain routines are necessary to assist children attending Kindy.

Arrival time: 8.22 am

Children arrive already wearing sunscreen and unpack their own bag into lockers, placing their lunch in the fridge. They need to unpack their own bag to promote independence and also to enable them to find their belongings later. They wash their hands before commencing the program.

Bathroom and toileting

The bathroom is available throughout the day with regular toileting and hand washing routines, on arrival at Kindy and before and after, morning tea and lunch. Please let us know if your child requires assistance with toileting or has any concerns or fears regarding the toilet.

Morning tea

This is usually held between 10.30 and 11am. Once children are familiar with the routine, they may complete activities and come to morning tea when ready within that time.

8.45-12.00 midday

Indoor/outdoor play based program using “Building Waterfalls 2” curriculum.

Current research recognises the value and richness of play as central to children’s learning in a meaningful way. Some of the curriculum aims during this period include:

  • Learning literacy and numeracy skills
  • Exploring relationships/friendships
  • Gaining increased control over their physical skills, health and hygiene
  • Negotiate their own play environments
  • Appreciate the ideas/thoughts of others
  • Build confidence, independence, self confidence, social skills
  • Learn about community/cultural heritage
  • Represent their learning in different ways

Group time: 12.15-12.45pm

We come together as the whole group and read stories, act out plays, learn songs and music. Share items of interest, gain experience and confidence speaking in front of the group.


Usually held from 12.45-1.15pm. We all sit down together to eat and sometimes share special occasions, such as birthdays or perhaps eat food made during cooking experiences. A time to talk and share ideas about our day together.

Rest, relaxation, quiet activities

After lunch a formal rest period is held. This may include resting on beds, resting on pillows, listening to audio stories or yoga. Please let staff know your child’s rest routine. At the beginning of the year and during hot weather, children may require a longer rest period. After rest time, children go to quiet activities such as puzzles, drawing, accessing portfolios, etc. As the needs of the group change, so does the type of rest period.

2-30 pm Home time

Children are collected by parents or designated carers (must be over 18 years of age) who are required to sign the attendance folder. Children must remain inside the Kindy while waiting to be collected.

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