Our Curriculum

We follow the early childhood C&K curriculum document called “Building Waterfalls 2” which is divided into four areas of reference in teaching:


We are connected to family and community
We connect with, making meaning of, and build upon what we know
We are connected to natural and built environments
We are of the present, with unique connections to the past and future


We share a sense of belonging, wellbeing, identity and connection to others
We are valued and treated with dignity, justice, equity and respect
We feel safe, nurtured and cared for
We share reciprocal, respectful ad satisfying social interactions and relationships


We are open and sensitive to new possibilities and perspectives
We contribute to an equitable, just and democratic learning environment
We express, share and honour values, beliefs and traditions
We are active negotiators in our own learning


We are active participants in building knowledge together
We are competent and capable enquirers, thinkers, researchers, communicators and decision makers
We are unique individuals, rich in ideas, theories, experiences and knowledge
We represent and share our understanding, knowledge and thinking in many ways

These four areas underpin our teaching philosophy, that children:

  • Should be valued for who they are and what they bring to the Kindergarten community.
  • Are competent, capable, knowledgeable and curious in connecting and relating to others.
  • Have the right to be engaged in play and learning that is meaningful, rich and challenging, with a program that reflects their life within family, school and community.
  • Have a right to an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, supports their learning and enhances their creative, intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual selves.
  • Have the right to an outdoor environment that promotes a lifelong appreciation of nature.
  • Have the right and responsibility for observing and upholding social justice issues, ensuring equity for all.
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