Our Educators

Who will be caring for and supporting your child?

The educators at Kindy are appropriately qualified and experienced in working with young children. Appropriate background checks are carried out for all staff, including casual staff and volunteers.

We employ four year, university trained teachers and all educators have a minimum Certificate 111 in Children’s Services (or are currently studying to attain them). The teacher/director is also responsible for the daily management of the Kindy.

Current information about educators including; names, qualifications, role positions and relief staff, is always available on the verandah notice board.

Child to Educator Ratio

The Kindy observes C&K regulations for educator qualifications and staff to child ratios; a minimum of two teaching staff to twenty two children. This is higher than required by the Office for Early Childhood and Care.

Behaviour Management

Educators use strategies such as directional language, guidance and behaviour teaching processes to encourage children to understand and choose appropriate behaviour. The goal is to enable the child to develop self respect, self confidence and self control.

Families are always consulted about any issues with behaviour. Educators and families need to work together to best support your child.

Please make an appointment at any stage throughout the year if you would like to discuss your child’s progress and development. We are only too happy to make time for families.

Referrals to support agencies, including; occupational therapists, speech pathologists, paediatricians, and helping children transition to Prep is available.

Parent Involvement and Participation

All family members are encouraged to become an active member of the Kindy community. Research consistently shows that parental involvement maximises the effectiveness of early childhood programs. After the beginning of the year when all of the children have settled comfortably into the program, parents and families are invited to share days staying at the Kindy.

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