About The Kindy

Welcome to East Street Kindy!

We aim to provide a friendly, secure atmosphere in which children are valued and encouraged to develop independence, self discipline and self esteem.

The early years of a child’s life are recognised as vital years in development. Positive experiences at Kindergarten will give children a head start for future learning.

The Hervey Bay Community Kindergarten is a community based organisation, operating since 1967 and caring for children 3½ – 5 years of age. It is administrated by a committee of parents currently using the centre. However, other community members may also be elected to the Management Committee.

The Kindy is a non-profit making organisation with income derived from fees, a state Government subsidy and fund-raising activities. The Government subsidy is distributed by the Kindy’s Central Governing Body, the Crèche & Kindergarten Association (C&K).

Our philosophy

The foundations laid in the early years, from birth to eight, are crucial to children’s development. It is important during these years, that children feel valued within the context of their family, school and community and gain a disposition for lifelong learning. We believe that all children have rights and responsibilities including the right to be valued and respected.

In turn, children have the responsibility of valuing and respecting their families, peers and teaching staff. We also believe that learning is a collaborative act and staff acknowledge the need to work in partnership with children, families and the community.

Mission statement

Our goal is to inspire in children a sense of curiosity about the world, promote a healthy self esteem and a love of learning. Skills, which we believe, will see children reach their full potential during their time at Kindergarten and begin to assist them in the development of life skills that are necessary for a happy and productive life.

A copy of our current handbook can be downloaded here.

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